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  • Experience. Our clients receive only senior-level attention. Every CCG partner has been practicing law for more than 10 years, and firm policy requires that all other attorneys have a minimum of 5 years of relevant experience.
  • Responsiveness. We pride ourselves on being accessible and responsive to our clients' needs in a way that consistently exceeds expectations.
  • Lower Rates. Because of our unique structure and methods for providing legal services, we are able to offer hourly rates that are significantly lower than comparable attorneys at most large law firms.
  • Pedigree. CCG attorneys hail from the top academic institutions around the country and have been trained at some of the nation’s most prestigious law firms.
  • Lean Staffing. Because all CCG attorneys are seasoned professionals, most deals can be staffed without the multiple layers of attorneys typical at most law firms.
  • Business Acumen. Most of us have worked in-house during our careers, giving us a deeper understanding of the business needs of our clients. We do not over-lawyer deals or get mired in remote legal risks.
  • Value-added Services. All CCG attorneys are well-connected in their communities and areas of expertise and will, when appropriate, introduce clients to potential financing sources, prospective employees, and other business-critical service providers.
  • Selectivity. We look for more than just clients in need of transactional legal expertise. Rather, we strive to work with businesses that are a good fit for our firm and can benefit most from our unique approach to providing legal counsel.